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  • Senior C + + Developer
    Sweden Consulting



    Location: Sweden

    Start date: ASAP

    Client: Global IT Firm

    Pay rate: competitive salary


    Empiric is a multi-award winning technology and transformation recruitment agency specialising in data, digital, cloud and security. We provide contingent, SOW and retained recruitment services to businesses looking for both contract and permanent tech and change professionals. Empiric invests our resources into engaging directly with the tech and transformation community. Through original, insightful content, bespoke events and our initiatives such as Next Tech Girls we aim to raise our profile, connect directly with talent and deliver recruitment solutions.


    We trade in the most competitive markets across the globe. Our software makes millions of trading decisions daily. We win by making better and faster decisions than our competition. As a software developer you'll be working with traders and engineers to implement strategies that will challenge you to be creative with your implementation. You'll need to produce solutions which compete in the extremely latency sensitive environment, whilst managing complexity.
    You'll be working in a highly motivated Amsterdam based team dedicated to delivering challenging projects for our Amsterdam and/or Chicago offices, while controlling end-to-end product development.
    We work in an environment where slight oversights can be extremely costly, while new features can be extremely profitable. As a team we aim to balance the race to production with software quality and testability. You'll be placed in an environment consisting primarily of Java and C. We have a build chain which has been designed around the concept of daily production releases. An ever-evolving variety of systems and technologies keeps life interesting.
    Upon joining you will be expected to manage your own time and tasks. We rely on our developers to drive change by taking feedback from traders, and shaping that into an implementation. Your ownership of the task continues until a working production release. Our most successful developers comfortably work in any part of our stack.


    • One of the most fun aspects of the job is that we have a quick feedback loop. We release early and often to get incremental benefits as they are developed
    • We operate at the bleeding edge of technology. If something new can potentially bring an advantage we will actively invest in developing and utilizing the solution
    • We really believe in sharing knowledge and technology between the different offices. Much of our technology stack is shared between all 3 regions, and we provide opportunities to travel between the regions both for personal growth and to assist where it has the biggest impact.
    • To get the best results we encourage everybody to gain an understanding of both the trading strategy and how exchanges work on a technological level.
    • Working at IMC is also an opportunity to learn about financial markets. We know from experience that a lot of people really enjoy learning about a field beyond their immediate area of expertise, it's one of the things that makes this job more interesting than others.
    • We employ a broad range of people with varying backgrounds. What they have in common is their superior technical expertise, their extraordinary smarts and their collaborative approach.


    To set you up for success, you can find our hiring process including tips on applying and interviewing with us on our website. Now it's up to you! Apply today to start an amazing journey with Empiric.

    Empiric is one of the fastest-growing technology and transformation recruitment agency's specialising in data, digital, cloud and security. We supply technology and change recruitment services to businesses looking for both contract and permanent professionals. We are committed to delivering more female candidates and those from minority backgrounds and be instrumental in changing the gender and diversity imbalance within the tech sector.


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