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  • Data Engineer / Data Scientist
    Dresden, Sachsen Consulting


    Need someone ASAP - the onboarding process will take 2 weeks and they want someone to be started from 1st July ideally

    Need to be OK to work 2 days per week in Dresden, Germany once COVID regulations are relaxed

    Job Description

    My client is looking for an experienced Data Engineer / Scientist to join their Analytics & Visualization team. We are

    interested in engineers with strong knowledge and experience in building Data Intensive Applications (DIA's) in an industrial/enterprise environment. You are expected to handle data from various data sources and determine how best to structure the data in order to provide data in a ready-to-use form to data analysts that are looking to run queries and algorithms against the information for predictive & prescriptive analytics through machine learning. You will design and implement robust scalable data pipelines on the ecosystems existing in the company and at their customers. You are expected to write high quality, maintainable, and robust code, and provide solutions for ensuring long-term quality and integrity of the data.

    The vacancy aims at supporting the development of novel data analytics, visualizations and

    control solutions by cutting edge techniques from Machine Learning and Data Mining. Successful

    methodologies aim to be included in client's customer applications.

    Job Context

    The multinational teams are composed of five to seven developers, a Scrum Master and a Product Owner. They are committed to follow the Agile way of working, with sprints and demos every two weeks, aiming for frequent releases of working software. In all teams they cooperate with internal and external experts from different knowledge domains to discover and build the best solutions possible. They use Continuous Integration with GIT, Jira and Bamboo. The client moves fast to help their customers reach their goals, and strive to create reliable and well-tested DIA's, as a failure in software stack can severely impact customers' operations.


    • Design and implement Data Intensive Application's, realizing the product backlog defined by the Product Owner
    • Ensure quality of own deliverables, this includes designing and implementing automated tests (a.o. on unit- and integration levels)
    • Cooperate with other teams to ensure consistent implementation of the architecture, agree on interfaces and timing of cross-team deliveries
    • Troubleshoot, analyze and solve integration issues, both from internal alpha and beta tests, as well as reported by our customers
    • Write or update product documentation in accordance with company processes
    • Suggest improvements to technical solutions and way of working, and implement them in alignment with your team and their stakeholders

    Personal Skills

    • Enthusiastic and intrinsically motivated, creative thinker
    • Good & proactive communication in an international and multidisciplinary environment
    • Taking responsibility, self-propelling
    • Goal-oriented and flexible mindset, willing to acquire lithography and other semiconductor manufacturing knowledge

    Required qualifications & experiences

    • Sc. or Ph.D. in Data Science, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics or Physics
    • Experience in having build DIA's in an industrial/enterprise environment
    • Experienced in software development (strong coding and testing skills)
    • IT related knowledge is considered a pre
    • Familiar languages include Python, Java, etc.
    • Familiarity with relational and non-relational (document, columnar, graph) database architectures Experience with frameworks from the big data ecosystem's (Spark, Kafka, HBase, etc)
    • Experience with orchestration & containerization is a plus (Kubernetes, Docker, Mesos DC/OS)
    • Strong ability to communicate and negotiate designs of data pipelines with Data Architects and Data Scientists

    Highly valued qualifications & experiences

    • Experience working on practical applications using real-world datasets
    • Hands-on with different data formats (CSV, XML, ARVO, TXT, JSON, etc.)
    • Familiarity with statistical languages like R and/or Matlab
    • Handle, analyze and visualize complex, high-volume, high-dimensional data from varying sources

    Organizational Position

    You will be a member of the Analytics and Visualization group in Development & Engineering of the Business Line Applications (Wafer Fab Applications department) where you will interact with architects, software developers, data analysts and dashboard developers. Here you will also be part of a multidisciplinary product development team, interacting with other departments (e.g. functional teams and customer support). Travelling a few times per year to local sites and to customers worldwide is part of the job.

    Other information

    Keywords: Data Science, Data Engineering, Visual Analytics, Data Mining, Hadoop, Spark, HBase, R, ETL, Process Control, Semiconductors, Lithography, Software engineering, Computer science, Agile, Scrum, Java, Product development

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