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Jeremiah Kamanzi

Empiric to me is... resilience

My Journey at Empiric started after my decision to look for a career that would not only allow me to determine how much I will earn but also give me the skills to follow a great career in business and technology. After I applied for a trainee consultant role, Cameron Skinner approached me and not only informed me of what Empiric do but also how I could really thrive in this environment.

No career path is obstacle-free though and for me a real challenge was trying to rebuild a market while working from home during the uncertain times of the pandemic, and at the same time striving to be promoted to Consultant.

The support I received throughout the covid pandemic was incredible. The communication with senior managers and directors was frequent, while top-level consultants provided me with guidance, support and advice on how to build and dominate new markets. Therefore, my skillset rapidly improved I’m very excited and pleased that, eventually, I got promoted, which wouldn’t have been without the wonderful team I work closely with.

For me, an important learning in this journey is having trust in the process that Empiric has in place and being really honest with my performances each day. The quote "It's a marathon not a sprint" resonates with me and I'm proud to say I feel great about the lessons I was taught whilst building up my skill set.

Now, the next big step for me would be getting promoted to Senior Consultant and building out a fantastic cloud & infrastructure team that dominates the Benelux Perm markets.

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