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Empiric's Wall of Inspiration profiles successful professional women who have succeeded in technology and is a source of inspiration for young females looking to get into technology. 

Become a female role model to hundreds of girls looking to take their first steps into tech. Be part of our Wall of Inspiration by completing the form below and become a motivation for others. 

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Inspire the Next Generation!

Your journey into tech could be the inspiration girls need.

Our aim is to create a one-stop-shop where girls are introduced to the best and brightest female talent in tech, learning about the breadth of roles available and the various paths they can go down to get there.  

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Can you Offer Work Experience?

Who better than a woman in tech to offer first-hand exerience of what it's like to be a woman in tech?

Spark enthusiasm and curiousity in your field through our Wall of Inspiration and invite those Next Tech Girls to come and experience your profession for themselves within your company. Whether it's work shadowing, introducing them to the tools of your trade, or getting them stuck in on a tech-based task, this opportunity could be the catalist to setting a Next Tech Girl on the path to become a future woman in tech!   

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