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Rohela Raouf

Rohela Raouf

What did you study (at school, college or university)?
Politics and Philosophy

How did you get into technology?
After university, I was unsure of what I wanted to do, like many graduates. I knew that I was a very analytical person and I also enjoyed managing projects. I got a role in the Department for Work and Pensions as an Insight analyst, which allowed me to use my analytical skills but also gave me opportunities to speak to the end users of our products. I could understand, what worked and what didn’t work for them.

I left that to go and work as a business analyst in Home Office, I loved this role I got to use my analytical skills but I also got create and manage the requirements which the software engineers needed when building software/ mobile products. After, that role I progressed through the career ladder in Civil Servant and then left to challenge myself in banking .

What company do you work for?
Currently working as a freelancer but have primarily worked in large government departments and banking

What do you do at your current company?
Business analyst

What advice would you give to girls looking to get into a tech related career?
Always get a mentor, they don’t have to do the same job as you or even be a higher grade. It is important to have someone who could provide you with impartial advice but most importantly give you the encouragement that you need when you are putting yourself forward for new things.


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