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Harri Lamden

Harri Lamden

What did you study (at school, college or university)?
At university, I studied Modern & Medieval Languages (French, German, Dutch).

How did you get into technology?
As a languages graduate, some would say that my background isn't necessarily 'techy'. I've always been sucked into the marketing and branding of the big tech giants like Apple and Google but I guess my real interest in tech began way before you could turn your own face into a singing emoji on your iPhone screen. Throughout every single language class or lecture I've attended in my life, I've always been told to steer clear of the dreaded online translators. But wouldn't it be cool if we could use tech-enabled translators? Whilst there is joy to be had in translating a text yourself, it would definitely be a time-saver on homework... From this moment I began to realise that technology could help us in so, so many ways, as well as being fun. When I came out of uni and started thinking about what I wanted to go on to do, I instantly turned to the tech field. And that's how I've ended up where I am now: in a fast-paced, exciting, vibrant tech start-up, where there's so much to learn and so many more areas within tech that I'd love to jump into.

What company do you work for?

What do you do at your current company?
Senior Associate

What advice would you give to girls looking to get into a tech related career?
If you think you can do it, if you believe you can do it, if you can picture yourself doing it - even for a split second - you can do it. No matter where you've come from, it's yours for the taking. (This sounds a bit wishy-washy but genuinely I think it's all about believing in yourself!)


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