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Katherine Riverwood

Katherine Riverwood

What did you study (at school, college or university)?
Fashion & Creative enterprise Ba Hons at Newcastle College

How did you get into technology?
My love for games began at an early age, with Paper Boy, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, The Sims, Sim City all having a huge impact on me. When I went to study fashion at college, I was doing a top-up Ba degree on top of my FdA, and decided it wasn't for me. I had been spending hours on Minecraft rebuilding game worlds in my free time.
I decided I could make a big impact on the gaming landscape as a whole, with lots of unique ideas that no one else was producing, and so I took to training myself.

What company do you work for?
Prey Interactive

What do you do at your current company?
Head of

What advice would you give to girls looking to get into a tech related career?
Creativity has gone digital like never before. Art, Animation, Design, Advertising, Programming- can be created on computers and produced to fulfill the most amazing ideas.

Follow your passion, make it digital, and show the world what you can do!


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