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Ruth Woodbridge

Ruth Woodbridge

What did you study (at school, college or university)?
I studied MultiMedia Technology at university which gave me a broad range of technology skills with a focus on online services. I tried out a range of modules in my first year to find out what I enjoyed most and hone in on an area to pursue.

How did you get into technology?
I didn't really know what to choose to study at university but I knew technology was something that interested me. Choosing a course that covered a range of areas allowed me to discover what area in particular I wanted to pursue.

What company do you work for?
Freelance contractor with experience in the private sector as well as government.

What do you do at your current company?
Scrum Master/Digital Transformation Manager

What advice would you give to girls looking to get into a tech related career?
Don't be afraid to try things out to find out what you want to specialise in. Also don't worry if you are the only girl in the class. I was in an 8 to 1 male to female ratio at university, but I made some great friends and learnt a lot. Guys in tech are some of the nicest people I know!


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