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Inspiring Today's Girls in Education to Become Tomorrow's Women in Technology

Just 17% of people working in the UK technology industry are women.

Next Tech Girls' mission is to tackle this disparity at the grass-roots level and improve gender equality in the technology sector by providing girls with meaningful tech work experience.  If we want to see change, we must drive it.

Next Tech Girls partners with companies to deliver tech-focused work experiences in the UK, providing school girls (years 10-12) with insights into tech careers and the numerous opportunities available to them. Not only does this inspire young students, but it helps raise awareness of the gender imbalance in the industry and promotes a culture of inclusivity.

Our 3 Step Journey...


Girls can explore and discover 1. what they can do in tech, 2. where they can do it, and 3. how to get there.

The Wall of Inspiration provides girls with an array of female role models who have achieved great things in tech.

Women in tech - check out our wall and help inspire girls by sharing your story.


None of the boring stuff. Here's why there's no better time to be a girl pursuing a future in tech.

Here we present industry facts showing the size, scale, options and benefits of being a future woman in tech. Letting girls know that by blending their passions with tech, they will future-proof their careers.

Find out how your business can partner with NTG?

For more information on how you can get involved in this valuable CSR initiative, submit your details and download the brochure. 

Alternatively call 0203 597 4466 or email info@nexttechgirls.com for more information.

Next Tech Girls Network

If you exclude 50% of the talent pool, it’s no wonder you find yourself in a war for talent - Theresa J. Whitmarsh, Executive Director, Washington State Investment Board

Next Tech Girls has been created by Empiric with the aim of strategically increasing the number of women in the industry by securing meaningful technology work experience for girls, inspiring them into future digital careers. Our promise is to place 5,000 girls into technology work placement The NTG network is expanding across the UK as we work with more education bodies and businesses in both the public and private sector. 

How NTG is creating tomorrow’s talent

Empiric identified work experience as an underutilised platform that is proving effective at informing and inspiring girls about a future in tech, whilst also raising corporate gender awareness in a practical way. 

NTG delivers a free CSR initiative to departments, facilitating and providing meaningful work experience placements across industry sectors.  
The positive feedback from both businesses and work experience girls has been amazing. Just imagine thousands of girls being inspired through positive experience to become future women in tech, increasing the overall talent pipeline, whilst addressing the gender imbalance.

Utilising Empiric’s experience of successfully placing tech talent, NTG offers you the opportunity to engage with the future talent pool.

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How NTG is Creating Tomorrow's Talent

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