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Empiric Insights: Expert Advice for Breaking into Salesforce

Are you interested in Salesforce Industries (SFI) Architecture or want to pursue a career in this field? Do you want to hear from a seasoned SFI professional who has worked on both contract and permanent assignments?

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If you answered yes to any of these questions, you won’t want to miss the first episode of Empiric Insights, a new video series where our team interviews high performing experts for guidance and perspectives from different specialties and roles that we recruit for.

In this episode, Salesforce Industries Specialist Consultant Josh Ramsay talks to Richard Shtolc, who has over seven years of experience within Salesforce Industries. Richard reveals his valuable insights and tips on:

  • How to break into the SFI industry and land your first project
  • Different project layouts and how to make the most of freelance and perm roles
  • The benefits of partnering with specialist IT and Salesforce recruiters
  • The key skills that new SFI candidates need to have
  • The trends and challenges that he sees for the future of Salesforce
  • What he looks for when hiring new Salesforce Architects and Developers

Be sure to watch the complete interview below. If you are looking to build your own SFI team, you can read our playbook on the changing SFI landscape here. If you are keen on exploring exciting Salesforce opportunities, you can browse our current global openings across the various Salesforce modules through our dedicated Salesforce page.

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