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Empiric Insights: From Student to nCino Trailblazer - One Consultant’s Inspiring Journey

Empiric Insights is our video series where our team interviews high performing experts for guidance and perspectives from different specialties and roles that we recruit for.

For our latest episode, our USA nCino Lead Kyle Kuhn sat down with nCino consultant Lauren Esham to discuss her journey from student to nCino professional.

Lauren shared valuable insights and tips on:

  • Her journey from young troubleshooter to tech professional
  • How an MIS course, nCino internship, and mentors sparked interest in problem-solving, database, and Salesforce skills
  • How client support and platform implementation roles provided hands-on experience and confidence in FinTech
  • How independent consulting accelerated skill building and helped admins integrate platform updates strategically
  • How soft skills and lifelong learning enabled success in tech without a CS background
  • How curiosity, complexity, and teaching skills define a successful consultant
  • How “lightbulb moments” inspire to help admins learn and build new systems

Be sure to watch the complete interview below. If you are keen on exploring exciting nCino opportunities or building your own team, browse our current global openings across the various nCino modules here:

Be sure to connect with Kyle on LinkedIn.

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