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EmpowerHer: How Empiric is Embracing Equity All Year Round

For a long time women have been fighting for equality in the workplace. We want to be treated as equals to male counterparts, to be offered the same opportunities and to be offered the same pay.

At Empiric, supporting women and achieving gender balance at all levels is a priority and in 2022 we reached 40% representation of women across the business, and 21% in leadership. We’re proud of where we’ve got to, but we know we still have a lot of work to do. We want to instil confidence in the women of Empiric and provide them with a support network that encourages them to speak up and pushes them to be their best.

That is how EmpowerHer was born!

A big barrier to women progressing in any industry, but especially in one as male-dominated as recruitment, is lack of confidence. We want to celebrate the women of Empiric and give them the courage and self-belief to succeed and progress in their careers. To do that, we have created an internal community where stories can be shared, voices can be heard, and confidence will shine.

The EmpowerHer community is our Empiric women’s initiative: run by women for women, because empowered women empower women..

EmpowerHer’s mission is to ignite a determination in our women, to guide and mentor them to achieve success in their careers. Our goal is to achieve a gender balance among our staff – at all levels, including leadership - that reflects UK society. And we promise to empower our community of strong, independent, confident and inspirational women throughout their career journeys with us.

How is it going?

The EmpowerHer community was set up in summer 2022. Since then, we’ve met once a month to discuss issues that matter to us and plan events and activities. At least every few months we get an external speaker to talk to us about topics like imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, or presentation skills, and in between we get together for more informal sessions to get to know each other better.

Feedback so far has shown that EmpowerHer members value the safe space, community building and mentorship from women leaders. They appreciate the opportunity to share ideas and struggles with other women, and to connect and build relationships with those in other teams and offices.

We can’t wait to see what we achieve in 2023, as individuals and as a community.

Benefits of a diverse workforce

It is important at this point to mention that we cannot do this without men. We’re proud that our community is sponsored by Empiric’s Managing Director Sam Kamyar and supported by the entire leadership team, who meet regularly to discuss the community’s initiatives, objectives and achievements and encourage their teams to get involved in our work.

The men of Empiric understand that they benefit from a better gender balance too. A diverse and varied workforce brings ideas, creativity and different perspectives. Statistically there are also strong relationships between business performance and diversity – as shown through a number of prominent studies. A more diverse workforce and leadership can lead to greater business success and profitability.

It isn’t just about profits though – giving equal opportunities and bringing the potential out of everybody is what really matters. We want to give people the opportunity to find inspiration in their careers, which in turn creates better performance, engagement and retention.

If you would like to learn more about our EmpowerHer community, get in touch with our leaders Abi, Francesca, Emily and Mailyn via their Linkedin accounts. 

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