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Like Your Job or Love Your Job? 3 Steps to Consider When Choosing a New Role as a Recruiter

As a Recruiter, you’re constantly on the lookout for top talent to fill positions, but have you ever stopped to consider what you should look for when it comes to your own career?

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Finding the right role for yourself is just as important as finding the perfect candidate for your clients!

In a recent LinkedIn poll, we asked our network what they consider the most important thing to be, when looking at a new role; 39% said earning potential and 36% said office culture – no surprises there...

Whilst we know those things are important, you need to ensure you’ve considered all options and the move you’re making is going to benefit you; personally, professionally, and financially. Whilst also checking that the company you’re joining is aligned to your values as well as your future goals.

So where do you begin?

Reflect on your skills and desired focus

Are you passionate about relationship building, technology or employer branding for example? Consider roles and companies that align with both your interests and your strengths. Narrowing your focus will help you to find opportunities where you can flourish and make a meaningful impact. 

Evaluate company culture

The culture and values of a company play a fundamental part in job satisfaction and overall happiness in your workplace. When exploring prospective employers, dig deep into their values, mission and day-to-day work environment.

Do they value diversity and inclusion and support their employees’ wellbeing and growth?

Assessing these aspects will help you to find a supportive and inclusive atmosphere from your next employer.

Identify your growth opportunities

Recruitment is ever-evolving so staying ahead of the game is essential for success. When looking for a new role, assess the opportunity for professional development and growth within the organisation. Good things to look for include;

  • Companies that invest in their employee development
  • Have the top leaders in the industry with a proven track record of success of getting recruiters to management level by mentorship and 1:1 coaching!
  • Training programs on offer and opportunities for you to attend events within your sector.

An in-house training team should be a given, right? But if a company invest in external trainers or speakers - this is a good indication!

A final summary from me;

Ensure you’ve researched each company enough to feel comfortable and prepared before your interview (but that’s a whole different blog!). This is your opportunity to ask any questions you need answering to help you decide whether the role is right for you.

Finding your dream job as a recruiter is well within your grasp if you follow the three steps above: identify your skills and desired focus, evaluate company culture, and identify your growth opportunities. you’ll be able to find a role that matches your interests, strengths, values and goals.

And remember, a company needs to be right for you just as much as you need to be right for the company.

Could Empiric be the company to fulfil your values and goals? Be sure to visit our careers page if you’re seriously considering us to propel your career.

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