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What's Next for SAP Payroll: SFPAY and the Evolving Talent Landscape

Imagine processing payroll for thousands of employees across dozens of countries, each with its own intricate tax laws and compliance requirements. This is the daily reality for many global organisations, and it's where SAP Payroll solutions shine. 

SAP's payroll business is booming (both on-premise SAP HCM PY and Cloud SFSF ECP), and the numbers speak for themselves. In 2023, they processed a staggering 92 million payslips across 188 countries, a 12% jump from the previous year. Their customer base is surging too, with a 15% year-over-year increase in new clients. The cloud is a significant driver of this growth, with a remarkable 45% growth in new cloud-based SAP Payroll users.

In this ever-evolving landscape, the demand for skilled SAP Payroll professionals is skyrocketing, presenting both challenges and opportunities for businesses and talent alike.

We're seeing a significant uptick in requests for SAP Payroll specialists with multi-country expertise. It's a highly competitive market where both employers and candidates are looking for that perfect match of skills, experience, and cultural fit - the devil is in the detail when it comes to drilling into operations of the system on a more regional level.

The Future of SAP Payroll Solutions: SAP Next Gen Payroll (SFPAY)

SAP Next-Gen Payroll, also known as SAP SuccessFactors Payroll (SFPAY), is a new cloud-native payroll solution being developed by SAP from the ground up.

Designed as a modern, cloud-native payroll solution, SFPAY is built natively for the cloud with the aim of providing real-time payroll, interactive pay statements, simpler setup, and modern integrations with other systems.

The Challenge of Regional Payroll Expertise

Regional SAP Payroll roles bring their own sets of challenges, from diverse tax regulations to varying data privacy laws. The strongest candidates we work with have ability to apply this specialised knowledge across multiple countries.

For those looking to advance in SAP Payroll, developing deep regional knowledge is crucial - this involves not just staying updated on evolving payroll legislation and tax reforms, but also understanding the cultural nuances that impact payroll practices.

The Importance of a Localised Recruitment Strategy

At Empiric, we've observed a huge increase in demand for SAP Payroll professionals with multi-country expertise over the past year, highlighting the value of specialised knowledge in today's global business environment.

We advise clients that when putting together a hiring strategy, it’s important to work with a talent partner who possesses a talent bench who have local and regional payroll expertise. On the flipside we advise candidates wanting to be top of their game to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing landscape of payroll legislation, tax reforms, and evolving compliance mandates across regions – knowledge is power!

Any SAP Payroll recruitment strategy needs to go beyond “just” technical skills. It’s crucial to understand the importance of matching consultants to the specific legislative requirements of each region, while also ensuring a strong cultural fit to a clients organisation.

Our team’s mission is to analyse both technical proficiency and cultural compatibility in order to guarantee a smooth integration and long-term success for both consultants and clients.

The Strategic Advantage of Specialist Recruitment in SAP Payroll

Staying ahead of the curve in payroll extends beyond regional expertise - Finding the right SAP Payroll talent with deep regional expertise can be a challenge.

  • Deeper Talent Pool: We have access to a wider network of experienced SAP Payroll professionals across regions, increasing your chances of finding the perfect candidate.
  • Market Knowledge: We stay updated on regional payroll regulations, tax laws, and compliance requirements, ensuring a smooth transition for your new hire.
  • Cultural Understanding: We assess cultural fit to ensure successful integration within your existing team. This reduces onboarding time and fosters long-term collaboration.
  • Streamlined Process: We handle the entire recruitment process, from candidate sourcing and screening to interview scheduling and offer negotiation, saving you valuable time and resources.

By partnering with us, you gain a future-proofed approach to payroll, ensuring you have the best possible resources to navigate both established and emerging payroll landscapes.

Beyond Skills to Strategic Success

In today's dynamic SAP landscape, a winning recruitment strategy demands more than just technical prowess - your recruitment approach must transcend technical skills, recognising regional complexities and ensuring consultants possess the expertise to navigate the specific legislative requirements of regions like DACH and the Nordics. Pairing this with a strong cultural fit, you significantly increase your chances of long-term success.

Our dedicated SAP team stays ahead of the curve—monitoring key announcements, product roadmaps, and early adopter programmes for solutions like NextGen Payroll and AI integrations. This proactive approach enables us to offer comprehensive support for SAP HCM Payroll, SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll, and prepare your organisation for the future of payroll with SFPAY.

Leveraging a proven track record and a dedicated SAP recruitment team handling both permanent and contract roles, we navigate the evolving SAP market for clients and candidates alike - with an extended talent bench possessing the key mix of hard and soft skills, while connecting candidates with their dream roles to achieve their career goals.

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