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Why should you consider a career in recruitment?

If you had asked me ten years ago what industry I would be working in now, recruitment certainly wouldn’t have been my answer. However, after 11 amazing years in the industry, I can’t imagine an industry in which I would rather be!

People walking through office: Consider a recruitment career at Empiric.

How I Discovered My Passion for Recruitment and How You Can Too

I fell into recruitment 11 years ago when registering with a small local agency in search of a new role. I was offered a Resourcer position with the agency and have never looked back… I found that the challenge presented by recruiting really complimented my winning spirit, and off the back of this, I saw some instant results!

The variety and depth the role offered really kept me on my toes and that excited me.

How do I achieve success in recruitment?

If you think about it, Recruitment is simple. It’s the hard work and dedication that you put in that will get the results, marry that with consistency and you are laughing.

How do I get most of my job fills? Honestly?

By putting in the hours and using my time wisely through tight organisation and goal setting - it's pretty simple when you think about it!

Why on earth didn’t I ever consider recruitment as a career choice? It has provided me with knowledge, self-development, career progression and success – all things I consider as indicators of both personal and professional success. I am now well into my role at Empiric and still learning every day.

During my career so far, I have only twice heard candidates looking for jobs as recruiters say, ‘I knew I wanted to get into recruitment since School’. I want to change that mentality. Rather than graduates saying they ‘just fell into recruitment’ I want them to and actually make it a considered career choice… so take the leap of faith and let Empiric help you to shape your career!

Need more convincing as to why you should choose recruitment at Empiric?

  • A competitive and rewarding career with opportunities for growth and development
  • Autonomy and flexibility over your own work
  • Unlimited earning potential based on your performance
  • Access to the best and latest tools and technologies for your job
  • A chance to build your own brand and reputation as a recruiter
  • A meaningful impact on people’s lives and careers
  • A strategic role in driving business success and value
  • A creative and dynamic environment where you can generate new opportunities
  • A fast track to leadership and seniority within the organisation
  • At a successful business - like Empiric, recruiting is easier
  • A limitless potential for career advancement and exploration within recruitment

The list really is endless...

So don’t waste any more time and get in touch with our Talent Team today!

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