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Returning to Work as a New Parent: How Empiric Helps Overcome the Challenges

Returning to the workplace after maternity leave can be an overwhelmingly daunting experience. You may have nervous doubts about how you will be seen as an employee, and how your job will look as you return.

These sort of fears (as I discussed in my last blog here) can have a deep impact on working parents’ retention rates. According to a survey, 60% of women have admitted to changing jobs after maternity leave, especially when flexible working is not an option. Working from home can be a key factor in a mother’s career success and is especially valued by mothers who want to work full time.

At Empiric, we are extremely lucky to have such a progressive policy on supporting working mothers. We offer flexible working from home arrangements and reasonable maternity leave lengths that we hope make working parents feel supported.

Here is what a few of the working parents we have at the company had to say about returning to work at Empiric:

Emily Hall-Strutt
Next tech girls director Emily Hall-Strutt
“Empiric were happy to wait for me to start when I felt ready to return from maternity leave (even though it meant waiting a few months after my interview), they encouraged me to do a phased start for my first month starting with just a day or two a week and increasing to full time.” (Emily Hall-Strutt)

“I have worked at Empiric for 12 years on a part time basis as when I joined back in 2011, I had 2 children under 4. Empiric have always been so supportive and flexible both in terms of days worked and working from home. I am very lucky to work for such an understanding and supportive company” (Leanne Honey-Jones)
Ali Dunnett
Busines Development Manager Ali Dunnett
“I am a part time work from home mum, the rarest of rare unicorn roles to find within the recruitment industry. I have 2 work schedules, term time and school holiday time which proves just how flexible Empiric is. I am contracted to come into the office when needed, I choose to come in weekly as it’s the best place to work!” (Ali Dunnett)

Across the UK however, the story is not always so positive. I was staggered to find out that 26% of working mothers have left a job, due to having had a flexible working request turned down.

A recent survey of over 2000 women shows nearly one in five (18%) UK working mothers have been forced to leave their jobs because of a rejected a flexible working request, and 41% of women on maternity leave might not return to work if flexible working is not on offer.

There is a lot of work still to do to bring equity to the workplace for working parents, and most importantly working mothers. Having a child is unfortunately still often a hinderance to women’s career progression and ultimately still contributes to the gender pay gap.

Despite this, I am proud to say that Empiric has been making a positive change. The company has been very supportive and flexible since I announced my pregnancy. Even though I will miss my job and my colleagues, I don’t have the same dread of returning as I did after my last maternity leave – roll on March 2024!

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