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IR35 compliance can be a sticking point for companies when you don’t know what areas your workforce falls into and what status contractors will need from the change to the law.

Empiric provides IR35 solutions to help you determine workforce status beyond HMRC checks. We go beyond ticking boxes to actively monitoring the working practices of a business, identifying how you will be affected by IR35 and what actions you will need to take to adhere to IR35 rules.

Empiric IR35 Inside/Outside solutions

Outside of IR35 solutions

You may see areas of your workforce designated as outside of IR35 and this will have a direct impact on your resources and capabilities to meet your business goals. When this happens there are two ways we can help avoid problems and ensure work continues as normal:


Working 1-2-1

  • Empiric’s engagement model utilises Statements Of Work to ensure any contractor required to operate on an ‘Outside’ basis has a robust commercial contract to measure and track performance against.
    Our Service Delivery manager ensures that the expectations around the working practices are compliant with regulations and the desired outcomes are achieved.


Providing a team as a service

  • Similar to the 1-2-1 engagement, but instead we provide a team on demand which are all managed and tracked through an SOW model for commercial compliance, providing clarity on outcomes and deliverables.

These processes help keep the delivery of talent the way you need it

Inside of IR35 solutions

IR35 changes shouldn’t cause delays or have negative impacts for those contractors deemed to be working inside of IR35 legislation.


IR35 PAYE processing

We provide a compliant payroll service for all contractors determined to be Inside, ensuring PAYE is processed accurately capturing all required deductions.

Ltd. company contractors can still use their PSC whilst providing you with the peace of mind that they are compliant with their tax and NI obligations.

  • The agency will ensure that tax and NI are deducted from the gross fees
  • The agency will send the deductions directly to HMRC.

Employment rights do not apply such as sickness and holiday pay.

IR35 solutions for any business

With all the changes coming through, we are helping clients find solutions by highlighting what options are out there and where real opportunity lies to improve workflow.

Empiric will work in partnership with clients to deliver solutions by:

  • Identifying the level of IR35 risk the client is exposed to
  • Detailing what designations current contractors fall under and that changes will be required
  • Providing an action plan to transition a contractor from one designation to another without problems
  • Ensuring all changes are HMRC compliant
  • Clearing showing the where liability lies for all parties.

IR35 solutions



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