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2023 Pride Month Highlights

The Empiric team wanted to show support for and solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, learn more about how we can be better allies and advocates, and educate ourselves and each other about LGBTQ+ identities and why they matter.

Rainbow pride flag: Empiric supports LGBTQ+ community. The flag represents the inclusion series Empiric has hosted throughout June 2023

We hosted a series of activities that aimed to increase our awareness and understanding for the experiences and perspectives of LGBTQ+ (persons, people or community). Some of these activities included “The Great Queer Quiz” and “Let’s Talk About It” Conversation Forums hosting by our LGBT+ colleagues.

We welcomed Oscar Hoyle (They/Them), the CEO of Blossom LGBT CIC, to join us for a series of video interviews where they shared their knowledge and expertise on LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They answered questions such as:

  • What sets some companies apart from others when it comes to LGBTQ+ inclusion?
  • What benefits are there to businesses who prioritise LGBTQ+ inclusion in their day-to-day work?
  • How can SMEs engage with LGBTQ+ inclusion work?
  • Why do senior leaders need to be involved in LGBTQ+ inclusion initiatives?
  • How can we create and embed an LGBTQ+ inclusive culture in our organisation?

You can watch the interviews below.

Thanks to Oscar for their time and expertise!

Over the month, some of our colleagues fundraised for Mosaic LGBT+ Young Persons’ Trust, a charity that supports, educates, and inspires LGBTQ+ young persons from the ages of 12 to 20, with Empiric’s founder matching all donations.

Until next year... Happy Pride Month everyone! 🌈

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