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Meet the Values Ambassadors: What Living our Values Means

As a team that embraces diversity in all its forms, and we strive to create a company culture where everyone feels valued, connected, and inspired.

A group of diverse professionals smiling and talking in an office: Empiric recruiters posing for a photo.

In 2022, we launched our Values Ambassadors initiative, a group of Empiric employees who live and promote our company values. We sat down with three of them - Ben Stewart, Dorsa Baratifar, and Jeremiah Kamanzi - to hear their stories of what our values mean to them and how they have been part of various projects and initiatives to enhance our culture.

From the outset, it was determined that these roles needed to be active - shaping our culture and community through organising and participating in various events, workshops, and initiatives. Role modelling and mentoring others plays a large part here too – for each other and others with the aim to have every Empiric employee being a values ambassador.

Read more about creation of the Values Ambassadors programme here.

Ben Stewart

At the beginning of the project, my fellow ambassadors and I completed a SWOT analysis as part of a process to identify which areas across company culture we felt we could make the biggest impact in. My focus has been on achievements beyond billings, and alongside Dorsa Baratifar and Casper Perry, we devised a new initiative called the Values Champions Competition - it does what it says on the tin; it's a vehicle for the business to celebrate and reward those who best embody our values beyond their day-to-day role. We all agree that it has increased people's sense of belonging and helped us all celebrate the smaller wins across the working week, reminding us that we are part of something bigger. It's been a big boost in what has been a challenging year.

Dorsa Baratifar

Serving as a Values Ambassador has given me a greater sense of responsibility, and I have found that I can speak to a wider range of people in the business, from peers to team leaders and directors, with far more confidence. This has led me to having more conversations with a range of colleagues from across the business, giving me a wider perspective. I have found this particularly useful in pushing a huge focus on acknowledging achievements outside of billings which isn’t commonly recognised within the industry we work in. We have put the Values Champions Competition initiative in place allowing us to celebrate the smaller wins that really embody our values.

I feel that my role as a Values Ambassador has helped me to make a positive change within Empiric. We have moved to a place of genuine trust and friendship. The Round Table discussions and the Values Champions Awards perfectly reflect what I mean: open, positive discussions have led to tighter bonds and better understanding across teams.

Jeremiah Kamanzi

We initiated the round table discussion with the purpose of dismantling barriers and establishing open communication channels. Our objective is to create an environment where individuals can collaboratively address real-life situations and learn from one another's experiences to effectively overcome challenges. By fostering an inclusive culture that celebrates diversity, we are empowering individuals to bring their whole selves to work.

By recognising and appreciating unique perspectives, experiences, and skills, we create an environment that sparks innovation and creativity. Embracing diversity hasn’t just enhanced the overall quality of the Empiric business offering and enriched our culture, the Round Table discussions have had a profound impact on my recruitment process, allowing me to leverage new communication skills learnt as a values ambassador to enhance sales and business development calls. This newfound proficiency in communication has become a cornerstone of my recruitment strategy, enabling me to engage with candidates on a deeper level and foster more meaningful connections.

Carrying forward our company values

In recruitment, it is our purpose to build meaningful connections and connect quickly with professionals of all ages, backgrounds and experiences to better guide them on their career journey. Growing a culture where individuals feel heard, understood, and valued, where positive, collaborative interactions are actively encouraged and given time and space to flourish not only makes us better at our job, but it also means we are more aware, thoughtful and empowered as people too.

The Values Ambassadors’ project has helped to redefine what achievement looks like at Empiric. Success still means hitting our targets, client and candidate fulfilment and personal development, but it also means connecting, collaborating, and positively influencing one another to grow a business that we truly have a say in, a business we are proud of, because we call it our own.

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