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The NIS2 and DORA Playbook: Securing Top ServiceNow Talent in 2024

The new Network and Information Systems (NIS) 2 and Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) EU regulations are here to ensure that financial entities in the EU remain resilient through a severe operational disruption and they mean business - setting tough cybersecurity and operational resilience rules that companies in critical infrastructure and financial services must meet by 2025.

Non-compliance means hefty fines of up to €10 million or 2% of global revenue, whichever is higher. And that’s not all - the individual responsible for lack of compliance may also face legal consequences.

This is good news, however, for ServiceNow professionals as these regulations require specialised capabilities such as Integrated Risk Management (IRM), Security Operations (SecOps), Vendor Risk Management (VRM), and Business Continuity Management (BCM) that only a few organisations have in-house at the moment.

The race is on. Demand has skyrocketed for experienced talent to build and run these programmes - and it’s not slowing down. Based on my conversations with clients, 2024 will be an even hotter year for these roles. Large banks like ING and ABN and ServiceNow Partners consultancies like KPMG have already started snapping up GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) / IRM experts for contracts next year, often at premium rates. My clients are always looking for top-notch GRC and SecOps talent - and they never ignore a good CV. 


Hiring Factors to Consider

We’re expecting 2024 to be transformative, with a buzz around the office as firms push for the return of staff for more face time during the week. This shift is sparking a surge in demand for more than just technical qualifications but a cultural fit within the organisation - another key to reducing turnover and ensuring project success. Beware, though: hiring niche contractors without assessing fit to organisational culture can sink projects, ramping up the heat on critical deadlines for regulatory programmes and potentially unleashing a cascade of challenges down the line.

SecOps projects demand in-depth knowledge of local laws and regulations, as well as language skills. That’s why they often need on-site work or some local presence - but this also means finding qualified talent is a challenge in a smaller pool. And the available talent doesn't come cheap – especially with skillsets such as GRC, you will need to be flexible with on-site work and language skills to attract these talented people. They can pick and choose from the most attractive offers, so you need to expand your horizons to cater for this. There is a balancing act to be achieved here to overcome some of the potential challenges of working across different regions and cultures, with candidates who are familiar with the local market and language. 

The Solution: Leveraging Specialist Recruiters for Niche ServiceNow Roles

Why choose specialist recruiters to get the job done? They can be a valuable option for hiring niche ServiceNow roles, providing three main advantages for finding and hiring compliance professionals.

Expertise: Specialist recruiters focus on specific ServiceNow modules and have a deep understanding of the market, the technical skills, and the compliance trends. They can guide on how to attract and retain the best talent - especially for ServiceNow, where module knowledge is crucial.

Access: Leveraging expansive networks and existing relationships, specialist recruiters can source standout passive and active candidates that may not be reachable by in-house teams. With access to large, highly diverse talent pools and an arsenal of outreach tools and channels, they are able to connect top tier candidates with a range of roles, no matter how niche.

Efficiency: Handling the entire hiring process - from defining roles, talent mapping and sourcing, to screening, interviewing and negotiating offers can save clients significant time and resources. Versed in providing feedback and support throughout the recruitment journey, they ensure a smooth, seamless, positive experience for both employer and candidate. 

Partner to Secure Specialists, Deliver Under Pressure

To avoid fines and prepare for the future, firms need to assemble skilled teams. However, finding the right talent can be challenging. That’s where specialist recruiters come in. They can help you access and evaluate niche but essential candidates, leverage extensive networks, act quickly and flexibly, and reduce compliance risks.

Rather than attempt to recruit in-house, partnering with expert recruiters like Empiric can yield better access and fit. Our network of hundreds of ServiceNow contractors across high-demand capabilities like GRC and SecOps and we’ve become the dominant, go-to suppliers for major firms seeking niche governance, risk and compliance capabilities - already furnishing top consultancies with certified GRC experts. We can line up talent quickly too from our ready prepared pool.

The result? We enable clients from various sectors, such as financial services, consultancies, ServiceNow Partners, telecom, public sectors, and railways, to meet urgent deadlines in high-stakes initiatives without disruption.

With looming deadlines and penalties, specialist recruiters bring talent assurance. Learn more about Empiric's ServiceNow capabilities and explore open positions on our dedicated page. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below and connect with me on LinkedIn.

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