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Empiric to me is... my home away from home

My Journey with Empiric started in 2019, after leaving school early with no intention of studying at the university. At that time, I had no idea what I wanted to do apart from being financially independent. I had heard of recruitment however back then I didn’t really know what it was. I had interviewed with several recruitment agencies, but they did not offer what I was looking for.

I wanted to be part of a team that would continuously push me to achieve my highest potential and to be the best version of me. I knew Empiric would do this for me within my first interview!

Since I joined the company, I have been enjoying my job even though there were several challenges I faced. The most notable ones were transitioning from recruitment into consultancy when I was made an offer to work for Empiric’s professional services division. The way consultancy works is different from recruitment as the projects are bigger and more demanding, so adapting the way I work, learning new terms and offering the best possible service to my clients was a huge learning curve.

Another challenge for me was learning that sometimes it’s okay to have bad days. As a person, I always want to perform at the highest level and wasn’t pleased when things wouldn’t go the way I had planned.

While overcoming those challenges I wasn’t alone. Everyone around me, not just my team but people from other departments, were always so supportive and willing to listen to my worries at any given moment. Directors and managers are always happy to work alongside you and this constant training and 1-to-1 support were pivotal in becoming more knowledgeable about the consultancy world, which led to my promotion to Associate Network Manager.

What I love about Empiric is that senior leaders have an interest in your personal wellbeing and will literally do everything to support you and make things easier. In addition, there is available training for anything you want to improve and develop.

A powerful skill I have developed through this journey is persistence. I have learnt that if I keep trying to deliver the best possible outcome and believing in the end goal, it always pays off.

So, looking into the future I aim to add a new large account to my portfolio and hit my milestones for my next promotion!

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