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The benefits you get at Empiric are massive

If you work hard and do well the benefits you can get out of a job in recruitment, and in particular at Empiric, are massive.

During the initial interview call I had with Cameron (Empiric’s internal recruiter), he told me all the benefits of a job in recruitment, while being extremely honest about the role, he stated it’s not a ‘typical 9-5’ and you do need to put the work in. However, if you work hard and do well the benefits you can get out of a job in recruitment, and in particular at Empiric, are massive.

Empiric offers great incentives but most importantly cares about the health and wellbeing of its employees, for example, setting up meditation and workout classes via Zoom or Microsoft teams. This was amplified during the pandemic, and showed me that Empiric does more than a standard company. This was one of the main reasons I choose to work here!

In terms of my role, it entails speaking to fantastic candidates who operate in a specialised market, in my case ‘Salesforce’, and business development which includes building relationships with some of the biggest clients in my market.

At Empiric, we are offered a fantastic 12-week training programme that covers all aspects of what is required in the role, including 1-to-1 specific training for your own bespoke plan so that you have all the tools to be great at the job. I’ve been taught from the basics to the more advanced aspects of the role and as a result, I perform at a very high level, which is a major benefit to both me and Empiric.

Something I’m grateful for is the support I receive from my senior manager, David. He has worked his way from being a graduate joiner up to Principal Consultant within just a few years. Sharing experiences and learnings from his journey with me is key to learning more in a shorter period of time.

Things I particularly enjoy about the job is, firstly the team spirit, as everyone in the team is very welcoming and always create a good workplace atmosphere, which massively helps to keep performance high. Secondly, placing really intelligent candidates into major organisations across Europe is very fulfilling!

The main challenge I thought I would face was starting fully remotely, due to Covid 19. This could’ve been very tough and confusing. However, the way Empiric onboarded me and gave me a structured schedule to follow led to a smooth transition and I got a hang of the job very early resulting in some quick success.

The incentives offered by the company such as skiing adventures, trips to big fancy all-inclusive villas and other great locations are incredible. Overall, the company does care about the employee, ensuring everyone maintains good physical and mental health.

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