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Reece Brett

Empiric has given me the drive to accelerate my career

Before Empiric I worked at one of the larger, corporate recruitment companies and there I felt like just another number and easily replaceable. At Empiric it’s completely different. It’s more personable, friendly and I feel that they genuinely invest in all of us to make us into great recruiters.

Empiric invest in you to be success

We all sit together, from trainees to top billers and the MD. This easy access to everyone helped me learn from the best and gave me that drive to push myself to do more.

I've been given the flexibility to grow my career

Empiric has given me the freedom to develop my career unlike other recruitment agencies where you can get pigeon holed into a narrow, specific market. I knew what I wanted to do and I was given the flexibility and had the trust of Sam (the MD) to build my desk and clients my way. I have had a very successful year and the rewards have been great. Not just financially, but also how my mind set has changed and this has driven me harder to get promoted to Principal Consultant.

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