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Toby Nevett

"Through my hard work I've been promoted to Team Lead at just the age of 22"

I left school at 18 and I didn't know what I wanted to do. I knew I didn't want to go to uni but at the same time I didn't want to do a part time job that had easy hours and money but had no future career potential.

Speaking to my career advisor at school she suggested I look into recruitment as my personality and characteristics fitted well and previous pupils at my school have had successful careers in recruitment and mainly at Empiric.

Joining at 18 and being promoted to Principal Biller and Team Lead at the age of 22 is my greatest achievement.

I have no regrets not going to the university and making the decision to start a career in recruitment, which has been a life changing one for me. Within only 4 years of being with Empiric I have achieved so much such as getting promoted 4 times from Trainee to Consultant, then to Senior Consultant, Principal Consultant and now to Team Lead of the Cloud & Infrastructure Europe team. I am so excited to be part of our constant expansion in Europe and what the future holds.

The story started with the infectious energy I felt in my 1st interview…

What interested me in Empiric was the energy I felt when I went into the office for the interview, and it was infectious. Looking around I got to see people having fun and part of the interview was to go out with the team where I found out how passionate they were for the job they were doing.

What also made a big difference was that I had a week's work experience in the London office that gave me a real feel of what it was like to work at Empiric and made me want to work for them.

I got a clear training and promotion plan.

When I started at Empiric the training I got was fantastic. Having no sales background, the training I got from day 1 was well paced and most importantly there was help and support not just from my manager and immediate team but also from others in the business including the CEO. They genuinely took an interest in my development and I wasn't afraid to ask questions because the feedback I got, especially from the high earners was useful and something that I could apply to my work immediately, which ever since helped me to climb to the top so fast.

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