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Big Data

Published 08/02/2018

Big Data

We’ve all been through the stresses of job-hunting, and can probably unanimously agree it’s a job in itself. Your evenings are spent filling in 10 page long application forms, you’ve used the words ‘passionate’ and ‘responsible’ more than 12 times in your CV, and you cannot figure out how to write a good email subject line.

But could there be a solution to the job hunting horror? Something to make it fun? Probably not. But something to make it easier? The answer might just be Big Data.

Big Data is used to describe the exponential growth and availability of data, both structured and unstructured, generated by organisations, the government, and individuals. And you could be using it (if you’re not already) to get a job.


Power to the people

With the 100s, sometimes thousands, of applications HR professionals receive per job posting, sifting through them all can be a painful task. Enter People Analytics, a data-driven approach some recruiters are using to find the most suitable candidates. By employing Big Data technologies, companies can filter applications based on a predetermined list of criteria they are looking for. So how can you ensure you make the list? Let’s take your LinkedIn profile for example.

Look for key words in the job description, the role requirements and desirable skills section, and make sure you include them on your LinkedIn profile, application form and CV.

If the company is looking for someone with five years’ experience, make sure your employment history spans up to or over five years.

If they’re looking for someone to fill a senior position and you have the word entry level or junior all over your profile, you probably won’t get a look in.


Social Media Scares

There’s no shortage of stories on the web about people who have lost or missed out on jobs because of what they post on social media, and you don’t want that to be you. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not being used as much as big data sources, however depending on the role you are applying for, some companies may use automatic, algorithm-based processes to scan social media for red flags.

  • Join in on social conversations. If you’re applying for a role as Head of Diversity and Inclusion, make sure your Twitter timeline includes tweets where you’re having conversations with diversity influencers, where you’re sharing your thoughts on the latest BAME news stories and retweeting inspirational quotes about inclusivity in the workplace.

  • Keep your personal information private on social sites, don’t over-share, and be aware of your online presence at all times.


Play On, Play On

Believe it or not but playing games on your phone could get you a job. Silicon Valley start-up Knack, have developed a number of games as a way of determining the suitability of job candidates. Applicants will play an online game designed to reveal their personality, emotional maturity and problem-solving skills, and while they’re playing, hundreds of pieces of information are being collected in the background and analysed by data scientists.


The One About the Python

Earlier this year, a man called Max Rosett, who was earning a master's degree in computer science, Googled "python lambda function list comprehension" for help with a project he was working on. The usual blue links appeared, but then the search results split and folded back to reveal a box that read 'You're speaking our language. Up for a challenge?” From there, he solved a few puzzles, was asked to attend an interview at Google and was ultimately offered a job there! Rosett called the experience a ‘brilliant recruiting tactic’, where Google used Big Data to identify him before he had even applied anywhere.

Big Data can be your best friend or your worst enemy, but if you know how to use it to your advantage, you could be telling the next python lambda function list story!

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