Helping Made Social - In discussion with YuTU
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Expand your network through helping others - In discussion with YuTU

Published 10/09/2020

Expand your network through helping others - In discussion with YuTU

YuTU is an innovative new social platform where you expand your network by reaching out and helping others.

''I believe there is a huge untapped resource of skills, time, compassion, empathy and energy in all our communities that we have no way of easily accessing'', says Stephen Champion, CEO and Co-Founder of YuTU, is one of the factors that inspired him to create the YuTU app.

Pause for a moment and consider others in your local area. What do they think and what are their needs? Do you need something done? Join YuTU to share your skills and make new friends by helping others or get something done with the help of people in your neighborhood.

Watch the video below to learn how the app works and what exciting updates we'll see in the coming months. 


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