Filling the technical skills talent gap
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Filling the technical skills talent gap

Published 23/11/2018

Filling the technical skills talent gap

Recruiting skilled technical staff is among the greatest challenges faced by the UK’s digital sector with a recent survey showing that 57% of UK organisations say the digital talent gap is widening; and 54% overall believe that this is hampering their digital transformation initiatives.

The Tech Nation 2018 survey found that the number one challenge faced by the UK tech community is “access to talent” (with Brexit, and consequent access to knowledge workers, coming in at third place in London).

How can firms make themselves more attractive to talent?


Pay is the biggest factor that job seekers look for in their next job so ensure that your compensation package is competitive. However while money is important up to a certain level many job seekers would consider sacrificing some pay for another factor which they consider more important.  

Meaningful work

Research is showing that there is a growing trend that talented technical staff want to take on tough problems and make a difference in the world. Job seekers may happily take a hit on pay if the projects on offer are personally rewarding to them. This growth of social awareness and ‘tech for good’ mentality should be well communicated by employers when interviewing and talking through the work that the candidate will be working on. 

Opportunity to increase their knowledge

Similar to ensuring they get meaningful work, 55% of digital workers say that they would be willing to move jobs if they felt their skills were stagnating; while 58% report that they would be likely to lean towards organisations offering better opportunities for digital skills development.


Flexible hours, work from home - if employers are not already offering this, they need to look at what flexibility they can introduce which will entice talented professionals otherwise these people will go to an employer who does offer greater flexibility. It could also help in attracting more female talent, especially those with parental responsibilities who need that flexibility. 


Minimising the commute to and from work is high up on the list for many job seekers and if there is a chance to avoid the daily hustle and bustle of the commute they would. 

Empiric can help you

We are a multi-award winning business and one of the fastest growing technology and transformation recruitment agency's specialising in data, digital, cloud and security. We supply technology and change recruitment services to businesses looking for both contract and permanent professionals.

With years of experience of placing talented tech professionals into meaningful and reward roles, we can successfully match job seekers with like minded employers. 

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Empiric are committed to changing the gender and diversity imbalance within the technology sector. In addition to Next Tech Girls we proactively target skilled professionals from minority groups which in turn can help you meet your own diversity commitments. Our active investment within the tech community allows us to engage with specific talent pools and deliver a short list of relevant and diverse candidates.


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