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Gender Equality

Next tech girls - getting more girls into the tech sector

Next Tech Girls

We inspire today's girls in education to become tomorrow's women in technology

In 2022 just 26% of people working in the UK tech industry are women.

Next Tech Girls was set up to tackle this underrepresentation at the grassroots level. We partner with companies and educational institutions to deliver tech-focused events, training and work placements for 13-18 year old girls. By providing them with hands-on experience and insights into the opportunities available at a critical age, when studies show their interest tends to drop off, we are shaping their futures and the future of the tech industry.

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She Inspires - raising gender equality in the tech and recruitment sectors

She Inspires

We are striving to close the gender gap and create a harmonious workplace that offers women the platform they need to succeed. Our mission is to increase the number of women in senior positions, not just at Empiric but also in the wider business world. Our initiatives include better aligned policies, favourable benefits, greater flexibility and better support networks. It's crucial that whenever anyone joins our company, they feel comfortable and happy to be themselves in a professional environment that's free from discrimination and bias; one where they can grow and flourish, without worrying that they will be held back because of their ethnicity, gender, sexuality or age.

We have set up our own Gender Inclusion Network – She Inspires -  to create the best platform for women in recruitment to achieve their goals.

We do this by fostering an environment in which women can develop, improve and succeed through professional and personal development, mentoring, industry networking and positively promoting inclusivity for women.


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